The Ripple Effect


The Ripple Effect Toolkit was developed following a multi-agency victim awareness training day at HMP Kilmarnock delivered in partnership by the now defunct South West Scotland Community Justice Authority and Victim Support Scotland to a group of Serco prison officers, criminal justice social workers and Victim Support staff.   Following very positive feedback from this event, it was agreed to develop a victim awareness toolkit for use by others, based on the presentations and workshop activities used in that event.  In early 2011, a film was commissioned to form a core part of the toolkit. The toolkit and the film were named ‘The Ripple Effect’, reflecting the ongoing and far-reaching impact of many crimes on those involved.   ‘The Ripple Effect’ was launched in January 2012 by the then Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill.

Learning Outcomes

The toolkit is intended to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. Participants work as a group and know each other at a preliminary level.
  2. Participants have a knowledge and understanding of the impact of crime on individuals and communities.
  3. Participants have a knowledge and understanding of Victim issues and the impact of crime on both individuals and communities.
  4. Participants engage in discussion about the problems/ issues and look towards providing positive outcomes for individuals and communities.
  5. Participants reflect on their learning and to begin to consider actions which could be taken at both a personal and organisational level.

How to use the toolkit

The toolkit includes a mix of presentational material and participative/ interactive group activities.

The toolkit includes 15 different activities. However it should be viewed as an interactive and developing online resource and will be updated periodically

A standard template is used throughout the toolkit, to summarise the content and requirements for each activity.