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Throughcare Support Pathway

The Turning Point Scotland/HMP Kilmarnock Throughcare Support Pathway is a joint initiative which operates within HMP Kilmarnock to support short-term prisoners who will be resident in Ayrshire.

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Inclusive Justice

The Inclusive Justice initiative is a research project undertaken by the University Of Strathclyde School Of Social Work and Social Policy, and the Centre for Youth and Criminal Justice.

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Whole Systems

Work has been undertaken locally to ‘reimagine custody’ and also looked at a local ‘whole system’ for women to make sure that it was robust enough to be ensure that local women would only go into custody if this was appropriate.

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Let’s Just Talk… Justice!

This toolkit includes a mix of many different resources, from presentational material, pictures and posters to participative/interactive activities and conversation starters, one of the core components is to encourage communities to think about things differently and recognise the extremely positive contribution they can make.

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The Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect Toolkit was developed following a multi-agency victim awareness training day at HMP Kilmarnock delivered in partnership by the now defunct South West Scotland Community Justice Authority and Victim Support Scotland to a group of Serco prison officers, criminal justice social workers and Victim Support staff.

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