Community Justice Ayrshire (CJA) held a number of events during our first full year as a partnership. We started the year with our conference focusing on Adverse Childhood Experiences entitled ‘ACES: Start Where You Are and Do What You Can’. This event aimed to raise awareness of ACEs and trauma, identify areas of good practice across Ayrshire and beyond and act as a catalyst for a Pan-Ayrshire approach to working with people who have been affected by trauma.

In August we held an event to recognise the importance of the role the third sector play in improving community justice outcomes. The ‘Third Sector Brunch: Joining the Dots between Community Justice and the Third Sector in Ayrshire’ event looked at raising awareness of community justice, finding out what work is taking place locally, identifying where the links between community justice and third sector partners are, discussing how we can develop stronger partnership working and to keep partners up to date about future developments and training opportunities.

A day of sunshine and showers at the end of the summer saw CJA, in conjunction with the MAD (Making a Difference – North Ayrshire), PING (People’s Involvement Networking Group – South Ayrshire) and CVN (Community Voices Network – East Ayrshire) groups, host the ‘#JustFootball Tournament’. A range of partners put forward teams to take part on the day, including Turning Point Scotland, Recovery Ayr, Champions for Change, Serco, Ayrshire Police and of course not forgetting our three service user involvement groups. Following a fierce but friendly competition one of the CVN teams came out victorious and lifted the prestigious #JustFootball Tournament trophy!

Our final event of the year once again saw the focus being firmly placed on the achievements made by the MAD, PING and CVN groups. At the ‘Inclusive Justice’ event we heard from the research team about the academic report and good practice guidance which supports the project, shared the learning from the project with partners including looking at the success and barriers to date, the future hopes and plans for the groups and most importantly to give the group members a chance to share some of the benefits and positive outcomes experienced by being involved with the work.

Full event reports are available by clicking on the links below:

ACES: Start Where You Are and Do What You Can

Third Sector Brunch: Joining the Dots between Community Justice and the Third Sector in Ayrshire

#JustFootball Tournament

Inclusive Justice