Aimed at changing perceptions of what justice should look like in 21st century  Scotland, Second Chancers is centered around the voices of those whose lives  have been touched by the justice system. Comprising of a series of short  documentary films and a touring audio exhibition, the campaign tells authentic  and raw stories of success and failure, change and transformation, obstacles  and helping hands.  It paints a warts and all picture of what works, what doesn’t  and what we should be doing better.

The people sharing their stories include someone from a background of crime;  who has made a one-off mistake; who has been a victim of crime; who has  battled with addiction and mental health issues; as well as showcasing unpaid  work projects which have restored pride to their community.

Some of the participants are a million miles away from their past, some are  still walking the road to recovery – but all demonstrate how effective recognizing  and responding to the person and their particular needs can be. And all tell the  story of people who, through hard work, support and sheer grit, grabbed a second chance and changed everything.

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