Turning Point Scotland provides person centred support to adults with a range of complex needs. We learn from services and seek to influence social policy.

Turning Point Scotland has a long history of providing high quality social care services to a range of people across Scotland.
It does not subscribe to one existing model of service provision. Instead it operates in a person centred way by growing and developing services to suit individual needs.

This is done by consulting with service users and involving them in key decisions on a range of issues governing their support.


Turning Point, originally called the Helping Hand, was founded in 1964. It concentrated on providing residential rehabilitation services for people with alcohol addictions. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the remit expanded to include drugs, mental health and learning disability services.

In 1994, it set up the Glasgow Drug Crisis Centre.  By 1998 Turning Point had begun to expand in Scotland and nationwide –it had a turnover of £4.5m.

In April 1999, Turning Point Scotland was created as a separate body from Turning Point. It registered as a charity and a company limited by guarantee within Scotland.

In 2003, a trading arm, Turning Point Scotland Services Ltd (TPSS Ltd) was created. All money earned from this is put back into Turning Point Scotland. The trading arm bids for services, but all work is undertaken by the Charity.

Turning Point Scotland now operates a wide variety of unique services across many regional areas. Find a service  in your area.


Annual Report

The annual report for Turning Point Scotland 2016/2017 can be viewed here.