South Ayrshire Domestic Abuse and Routine Enquiry Awareness Raising Event

16 Days of Action Event – Friday 1st December 2017


On Friday 1st December 2017, South Ayrshire Violence Against Women multi agency partnerships hosted an awareness raising event. This was focussed on domestic abuse and routine enquiry and was attended by over 40 people from various organisations, including Community Justice Ayrshire.

Police Sergeant Joanne Logan, Local Authority Liaison Officer for South Ayrshire, opened the event and spoke passionately about eradicating domestic violence and provided the delegates with an input from a Police perspective.

Councillor Laura Brennan-Whitfield, Chair of the Violence Against Women Multi Agency partnership, thereafter formally kicked off the eventĀ  and spoke about empowering partners around domestic abuse enquiry to help prevent and support victims of abuse.

Natalie Frew, Children & Young Persons worker, South Ayrshire Women’s Aid, thereafter spoke about the services and support that they provide in their organisation. She also provided information on the dynamics of domestic abuse and the impact of coercive control.

The conference was then shown a video titled ‘Cilla’s Story.’ This was a very powerful video and the impact it had was incredible. It gave a women’s account of horrific domestic abuse that she had received over the years and how it escalated.

Sarah Shennan, Health Improvement Practitioner, NHS Ayrshire & Arran thereafter provided an Introduction to Routine Enquiry to the delegates. Sarah delivered key information on routine enquiry and how our partners can recognise and response effectively to victims of abuse.

The conference thereafter received inputs from various NHS Ayrshire & Arran practitioners who described how they use the routine enquiry on a daily basis in a practical level.

Geraldine McGivern, Community Safety officer for South Ayrshire Council thereafter provided information to the delegates on the training that is available from the Violence Against Women partnership.

Mark Taylor, Adult Support and Protection Coordinator, thereafter provided an input regarding targeted information around risks and vulnerabilities. He also stated what support is in place for victims of abuse.

Finally, Detective Sergeant Colin Cameron of the Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit, Ayrshire Division provided an overview of his department and what they do to support victims of domestic abuse.

Overall the event was a great learning experience for all of the delegates providing them with a wealth of information for going forward and providing an understanding of using routine enquiry in their daily jobs.