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Community Justice Ayrshire is a partnership made up of a group of agencies with the remit of reducing re-offending and improving outcomes for people who have been involved in the justice system.

The partnership was set up under Scottish Government legislation, passed in 2016, The Community Justice (Scotland) Act 2016 which put a legal duty on a set of statutory partners in each local authority area to engage in a planning process. The partnership operates within the context of the local Community Planning Partnerships. Community Justice Ayrshire is a pan-Ayrshire partnership involving partners in East, North and South Ayrshire and reports to the three Ayrshire Community Planning Partnership Boards.

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Ripple Effect

The Ripple Effect Toolkit was developed following a multi-agency victim awareness training day at HMP Kilmarnock delivered in partnership by the now defunct South West Scotland Community Justice Authority and Victim Support Scotland to a group of Serco prison officers, criminal justice social workers and Victim Support staff.

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Let’s Just Talk… Justice

Let’s Just Talk ….. about justice! is a resource developed for use with community groups, staff groups or any other group who wishes to have an insight into the impact of the justice system.

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Improvement Plan

At Community Justice Ayrshire we developed our plan by engaging partners and service users, focusing on a ‘strengths-based’ approach. Through several consultation events, we took the views of prisoners within HMP Kilmarnock, local justice service users, and a wide cross-section of practitioners from across our community justice partners.

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The Team

Community Justice Ayrshire is supported by a small staff team which consists of a Manager, a Performance and Planning Officer, and a Business Support Officer.  However, we work closely with partners, community members, and crucially, individuals with ‘lived experience’ of the justice system, all of whom are working towards achieving the same outcomes for our communities.  Together we make a strong and resourceful team.


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Draft Community Justice Outcomes Improvement Plan 2018/19

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